Smart Plugs

Plug power consumption generally emerges as the largest remaining energy load in LEED Certified or Net Zero buildings.  Mysite Energy selected Boss Controls to provide world class cloud-based scheduling for your power outlets.

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Simply group similar devices, and define the control schedule ….anywhere in the USA!

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120V Plug Datasheet                    240V Plug Datasheet                     

Boss Controls Brochure                High Power Control Datasheet

Finance Using On-Bill Zero Interest Programs

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Many utilities offer zero interest programs to enable smartplug installation with no upfront investment. Savings dollars are applied to normal monthly utility bills, and used to pay for the entire project.  Your bill may remain unchanged while you painlessly pay off for  energy-saving upgrades that will provide years of future savings.    209-464-6100 All rights reserved ©2017  SunnyCal Solar Inc.        LIC 990589