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EV Cars Explained

EV Chargers and Installation

Ready to step up to an electric car? Charging requires assessment of your home wiring, installation of a dedicated circuit and a battery charger.  We are certified installers for Nissan LEAF and numerous charger providers. In most cases we can complete installation BEFORE your car is delivered.  

Homeowners need to confirm their breaker panel has sufficient capacity for the EV charger circuit. Generally a 200A panel is OK, but a 100A or 125A panel requires a "load calculation" to be performed.  Click here to download the load calc file.


General purpose chargers are available for residential and commercial  sites. A wide range of charger features are available to meet a wide range of consumer preferences.  

Wall mount and ground mount chargers can be installed and associated with established charging  and telamatic  networks.  

PGE EV Charging Calculator

Tesla Charging Info

Chargers manufactured by Chargepoint (Coulomb),  EVSE-LLC,  Schneider, Leviton, GE and Voltec can be installed.


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