Energy Management

 MySite Energy Monitoring provides complete monitoring and reporting of all energy resources consumed at your home or business. Customers benefit by learning real-time consumption information, instead of being shocked by large monthly bills after-the-fact. Wasteful energy problems can be located and eliminated before they cause expensive utility bills.

Electrical Energy Consumption Monitors

Demand Reduction Equipment

Smart Plug Control

 Site Survey  is the first step to determine what monitoring measurement equipment can best be deployed for your building sites. Installation crews will then on-site sensors that report data to our monitoring center. Most sites monitors can use your existing internet service to automatically send bursts of data every few minutes back to our main server site. Based on the measured data, MySite Energy can provide a wide array of options for data reporting. 

 Consumption Reports  are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Additionally, critical trigger events can immediately cause email or text alerts to be sent directly to you if requested.

 Immediate billing reports are available to operators of transient parking and lodging centers like electric vehicle charging sites, RV parks and vacation rentals. These realtime reports enable energy charges to be immediately passed on to customers at checkout.  Energy use becomes a potential profit center instead on an uncontrollable loss to your business.

 Ensure your solar system is working properly  by receiving periodic graphical reports of solar production.  This avoids year-end accumulated usage charges when solar equipment has "silently" failed.

Utility energy management services for businesses who need subject matter expertise to ensure optimal rate plan selection. The never-ending changes in electrical usage fees for Peak Day Pricing, Time of Use(TOU),  Demand and Usage charges must be rationalized relative to business needs. 

Energy Monitor 1

The image on the left shows the output of an electrical measurement unit that is installed at the breaker panel of a building. The monitor supplies data to the local internet router for access by other web-connected devices. Sensors are installed in the electrical wiring to capture measurements of power that is consumed(or generated).This is an actual snapshot of one day's power consumption (in red), and the power generated by a PV Solar System (in green).

Energy monitors can be included with all standard solar installations.               

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Circle of Power

The Process: Management by Demand Reduction  

Utility companies charge based on peak energy use every month. MySite Energy offers products from major suppliers like  Green Charge Networks a leading supplier of demand reduction energy management equipment. 

Manage energy use by appliances

Installation of our load management unit enable intelligent control of the energy consumption.    Based on a variety of inputs, you can switch     on/off  to manage your power consumption. Units can be controlled manually, by software timers, or based on total load of the building.    209-464-6100 All rights reserved ©2017  SunnyCal Solar Inc.        LIC 990589